Are you interested in a medical job but not sure which health career is right for you? If you are not sure what medical jobs are out there, or which may be the best fit for you, this list of lists of medical jobs sorted various ways may help you find the job option that is best for you. You may even learn about a new medical career you didn’t even know existed!

1.  Most In Demand Medical Jobs

These medical jobs are projected to be the most in demand by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the BLS, these jobs are expected to add the most new jobs from 2008-2018. While all the jobs on the list are in demand, the most in demand medical jobs range in salary and required education level. If you are looking for a medical career that offers the most security, this list may be a helpful starting point! More »

2.  Types of Physician Careers

If you are thinking of becoming a medical doctor, this list includes most of the different types of physician careers from which to choose. Physician careers all require a graduate degree from medical school (D.O. or M.D. degree), but vary in years of training required and salary level. Learn more about the medical specialties of each type of physician as well as training requirements and compensation trends. More »

3.  Happiest Medical Careers

Which healthcare professionals report the greatest levels of job satisfaction? This list will help you find the happiest medical jobs. These five health careers are rewarding, well-paying, and are relatively low-stress, as compared to other healthcare careers. If it is a priority for you to be happy at work, one of these happiest medical jobs may be ideal for you! More »

4.  Least Stressful Medical Jobs ranked the stress levels of 200 jobs, and 6 of the top ten least stressful careers were in the healthcare field. If you are seeking a medical job that offers a relatively lower level of stress than most healthcare jobs, one of these six careers may be for you. Many medical jobs are typically very stressful, so these least stressful careers are good to know if you do not think you would be able to handle a high-stress medical job. More »

5.  Most Underrated Medical Jobs

When ranked the most ‘underrated’ careers, four of twelve on the list were medical jobs. Underrated jobs are ones that are not typically thought of to be “great” jobs, but actually have a lot to offer in terms of pay, schedule, demand, and other perks. If you want to discover a medical job that is better than perceived, check out the most underrated medical jobs. More »

6.  Types of Nursing Jobs

There are so many types of nurses, it would be extremely difficult to list them all in one place. However this article will help break down the nursing field into a number of different sectors to help you determine which nursing career is right for you, if any. More »

7.  Types of Allied Health Careers

Allied medical jobs are ones that do not fall under nursing or physician careers, such as technologists and technicians. Learn more about the different types of allied health careers available to you. If you are interested in a medical job but do not want to be a doctor or a nurse, one of the hundreds of allied careers may be an ideal option for you! More »

8.  Non-clinical Medical Jobs

If you want a medical job that entails little to no patient interaction, one of these non-clinical health careers may be a better choice for you. Non-clinical jobs, also called “industry” jobs, are behind-the-scenes jobs that provide a product or service to a healthcare provider or health facility. Learn more about the variety of non-clinical medical jobs available. More »

9.  Medical Jobs without a College Degree

If you are seeking a medical job for which you can qualify without a college degree, there are many options for high school graduates with or without additional education after high school. Particularly in the administrative and support fields of healthcare, and allied health, there are many potential medical careers for people who do not have a college degree.

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